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Scars on 45

scars 2

Stream Scars on 45 Safety in Numbers, exclusively here.

The Goodluck Assembly – “Morning Love”
Chelsea distracts herself from Adam’s arrest by playing with her daughter.

Gideon Grove – “Collision”
Jenelle talks to her friends about regaining custody of Jace.

Jared & The Mill - “Love To Be Found”
Corey talks to his dad about his problems with Leah and their last court date

TEAM - “Am I Alive”
Kailyn is excited to finally pick Isaac up from Jo

Schematic – “You Are My Southern Girl”
Jenelle gets ready to talk to her mom about regaining custody of Jace

Folly and the Hunter - “Residents”
Leah takes her girls to a doctor’s appointment to get Ali a new wheelchair

Los Waves – “Strange Kind of Love”
Chelsea and her friends try out speed dating

DREXLER - “Grazing”
Jenelle meets with her mom

Exit Exit – “Secret Ships”
Kailyn talks to Javi about her last conversation with Jo.

Scars on 45 – “Fading Bright Eyes Dark”
Ending Montage - MTV Exclusive: Stream the full album here

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Album Premiere: Scars on 45 “Safety in Numbers” Wed, 01 Oct 2014 15:30:03 +0000 Read more »]]> Scars on 45
Safety In Numbers

Scars on 45 are no stranger to MTVSoundtrack. You’ve heard their music in MTV shows Catfish, 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, so it seemed logical to bring you a first listen of their new album Safety in Numbers, which comes out Oct. 7! Stream it in the player above or on and let us know what you think! Tune into the finale of Teen Mom 2, tonight at 10/9c on MTV to hear “Fading Bright Eyes Dark” in the show!

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Music from Happyland: Series Premiere Wed, 01 Oct 2014 03:30:47 +0000 Read more »]]> Happyland
Featured Artist: FMLYBND


Mariner – “Champions”
Lucy sees Ian without a shirt on, continues over Main Title card

Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”
Lucy walks home alone at night feeling pent in by HappyLand

Magic Man – “Every Day”
HappyLand at night- employees only night

Kowalski – “Ribbons”
Act in – Employees only party. Talking with the Chandlera

Madi Diaz – “White Lightning”
Ian Harper and Lucy hang out on the roof

A Minor Swoon – “Worn”
Lucy/Ian see each other in Prince/Princess costumes for the first time

FMLYBND – “Come Alive”
Lucy/Ian dance sequence- series of cuts montage a la Icona Pop

Beginners – “So Close I Almost Believed It”
Ian/Lucy about to kiss. Continues over convo with mom

FMLYBND – “Electricity”
Elena tells Lucy that Ian is her brother, into end credits

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Music from Faking It: Season 2, Episode 2 Wed, 01 Oct 2014 02:55:35 +0000 Read more »]]> Faking It
Featured Artist: Hayley Kiyoko


Hayley Kiyoko – “Cliffs Edge”
Karma walks into art class talks to Liam

Broncho – “Stay Loose”
Shane walks out to the car wearing his costume

Ian Honeyman – “Take Me Home”
Boys go to the country bar

Cymbals – “You Are”
Amy and Karma talk in the bedroom

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Music from Awkward: Season 4, Episode 13 Wed, 01 Oct 2014 02:30:20 +0000 Read more »]]> Awkward
Featured Artist: TVÅ


Salt Cathedral - “Tease”
Jenna talks to her mom about New Years Eve

Imperial Mammoth – “Light Up My Life”
Tamara talks to Jenna on the phone then, Matty and Jake show up at Jenna’s house

Amalie Bruun – “Crush”
Tamara, Jenna, and matty hang out at Jenna’s and go over their New Years resolution

The Beat Geeks – “Bass Turnt Up”
A bunch of kids show up all of a sudden to Sadie’s party

Leila Grey – “Turn Me On”
Matty pours drinks from ice luge

Thrust – “Crime On the Dance Floor”
Stripper dances at New Years Eve party

Hollywood Blanca – “Club Work”
Jake meets and older woman at the New Years Eve party

Mighty Wyte & Stress – “Another Round”
Jenna and Matty hang out at the New Years Eve party

Lauryn Vyce – “One Love”
Lissa lies to her mother about what was going on upstairs at the party

TVÅ – “Keep Me A Secret”
New Years Eve count down

Cajsa Siik – “The Fix”
Jenna sees Owen walk by in the lunch room

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Preview: Music from Season 2 of Are You The One Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:10:18 +0000 Read more »]]> Are You The One?

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.57.59 PM

With Season 2 of Are You The One? just one week away, we’re having trouble keeping quiet about all of the amazing music selections planned for the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted. You’ll hear tracks from some of 2014′s hottest acts, like, Wild PartyMagic ManElectric Valentine & many more that we have to keep under wraps for now.

Check out our pre-season warm up playlist featuring artists from the season and don’t miss the Season 2 Premiere of Are You The One? next Monday, October 6th at 10/9C!

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]]> 0 Preview: Music from Happyland Thu, 25 Sep 2014 21:30:59 +0000 Read more »]]> Happyland


We’re extremely excited about all of the great music (and TV) Happyland has in store, so we created this playlist to give you a little preview and share our excitement. Expect to hear lots of music from some of our (and hopefully your) favorites like, Magic Man, FMLYBND, RAC, and The Naked and Famous, as well as some new tracks from emerging artists we can’t get enough of.

Happyland premieres Tuesday, September 30 at 11/10c after Awkward and Faking It. Check back with us for song-by-scene breakdowns at the end of every episode, music exclusives, and more!

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Music From Virgin Territory: Season 1 Finale Thu, 25 Sep 2014 03:50:02 +0000 Read more »]]> Virgin Territory
Featured Artist: Jeremy Messersmith

Jeremy Messersmith

Misun – “My Time”
Alec and his crush Cory talk about taking their relationship to the next level.

Jules Larson + AG – “Cruel World”
Emily is introduced, she talks about her struggles with her body.

BESTie - “Pineapple”
John hangs with his friends at the batting cages, he talks about his current relationship status.

FURS – “An Eye on the Vicious”
Emily and her boyfriend talk about the relationship benefits of going to therapy.

Knox Hamilton – “Work It Out”
John talks with his mom about practicing safe sex.

Wild Party – “Nicely Done”
Abby’s boyfriend surprises her during a game of Jenga while she’s not looking.

Jeremy Messersmith – “Ghost”
Alec is overwhelmed with his friends’ and families support of his new relationship.

Magnets & Ghosts – “Hold On”
Abby and her boyfriend talk about the events from the night before.

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Music From Teen Mom 2: Season 5, Episode 24 Thu, 25 Sep 2014 02:50:04 +0000 Read more »]]> Teen Mom 2
Featured Artist: Wildlife Control


Secret Sun – “My Messenger”
Jenelle talks to Jace on the phone.

Papermaps – “I’ve Closed A Door”
Kailyn takes a tour of Delaware State University.

Wildlife Control – “People Change”
Kailyn meets up with a tour guide and checks out the Mass Communications Dept.

Automatic Empire – “Edge of Communication”
Jenelle picks up Jace and brings him back to her house.

Luftshansia – “House”
Chelsea finds out Adam was arrested, again.

Accents – “England Awaits”
Kailyn and her family head to the beach while Isaac stays at Jo’s house.

Verskotzi – “Luck”
Chelsea looks at Adam’s criminal record.

Jess Penner – “Make Your Demands”
Kailyn spends time on the beach.

Ashlee Morton – “Lonely Way”
Jenelle is upset her mom is taking control of Jace.

Castle Project – “A Million People”
End Montage

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Free Download: Karma’s “Please Don’t Pull Away” Wed, 24 Sep 2014 21:42:04 +0000 Read more »]]> Faking It Music



How adorable was Karma’s song to Amy in last night’s premiere of Faking It? If you loved it as much as me, click on the image above, or visit for a free download of the full song.


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