soundtrack Soundtrack Blog Wed, 08 Jul 2015 02:45:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Music from Scream: Season 1, Episode 2 Wed, 08 Jul 2015 02:45:42 +0000 Read more »]]> Scream
Featured Artist: Oh Wonder


Ruelle - “Monsters”
Rachel checks her social media then gets a call from Audrey.

KOVAS – “Ready”
Emma listens to a podcast. Brooke and Riley join her in the GW High School parking lot.

BF/GF – “Lose Control”
Will confirms that Jake has gotten rid of any cyber connection to Nina. Jake finds “doosh” painted on the side of his truck.

Oh Wonder – “Shark”
Noah displays his lack of game while talking to Riley at school.

Bertie Blackman – “Kingdom Of Alone”
Emma meets Piper while working at The Grindhouse.

Fleurie – “There’s A Ghost”
Audrey makes a memorial video for Rachel.

The DNC ft. Yoni - “Superfly”
Fans arrive at the GW High School gym for the basketball game. Rivals hold up a “Murderville” sign.

The DNC – “Step On It”
The basketball game is in full swing.

Juliette Commagère – “How I Look For You”
Emma is home alone when the security alarm goes off.

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Music from Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 3 Tue, 07 Jul 2015 02:45:45 +0000 Read more »]]> Teen Wolf
Featured Artist: Life in Film


Life in Film - “Set It Off”
Kira and Lydia teach Malia to drive

Alex Metric & Mark Yardley – “Ilium”
Mason sees Brett playing lacrosse

Ruelle – “Take It All”
Malia braks the paralyzing agent and leaves to find Tracy

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Music from Scream: SERIES PREMIERE Wed, 01 Jul 2015 02:45:46 +0000 Read more »]]> Scream
Featured Artist: LIZ


Oliver North Boy Choir - “You & Me Against the World”
Series of screens on phones, tablets, computers of two girls making out.

Lowell – “Cloud 69″
Tyler’s car pulls up with Nina; she’s focused on her phone.

LIZ – “When I Rule The World”
Nina enters and greets Sage. Nina talks to Sage, puts on bikini and gets a Snapchat image of her changing.

REMMI – “Star Spangled”
Nina texts to and from Tyler. Nina screams and tries to call 911.

CAPPA ft. Almighty Chief – “Killin’ it”
Brooke, Will and Emma talk at a party. Audrey and Noah enter and as Brooke approaches, Audrey leaves. Kieran arrives.

Mansionair – “Hold Me Down”
Emma joins Audrey by the pool.

Bertie Blackman – “Beams”
Riley approaches Noah and asks about his picture in the paper.

Mulholland – “Before It All Falls Apart”
Noah, Riley, Jake, Kieran and others discuss slasher movies.

Incan Abraham – “Concorde”
Emma, Will, Brooke and Audrey talk about Nina.

Nightbox – “Burning”
Brooke and Riley talk and Riley notices lights on in the garage. Noah, Riley, Jake and others sit and talk by the fire.

Incan Abraham – “All You Want”
Emma enters the greenhouse and finds Kieran alone. They talk and they kiss.

Refs – “Pain Goes Away”
Kieran pulls up at Emma’s house and they see Sheriff Hudson with Maggie.

Verdigrls – “Feeling Nervous”
Audrey talks to Rachel on the phone. Killer is watching them from the shadows.

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Music from Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 2 Wed, 01 Jul 2015 01:45:19 +0000 Read more »]]> Teen Wolf
Featured Artist: Alison Wonderland

alison pic

Maja Francis – “Last Days of Dancing”
First day of school

Alison Wonderland ft. SAFIA – “Take It To Reality”
Scott joins AP Biology much to everyone’s surprise

Ruelle – “War of Hearts”
Skateboarding Flashback

Bahari  – “Wild Ones”
Scott heals Stiles’s hand

Mansionair  – “Hold Me Down”
Scott and Kira make out

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Music from Teen Wolf: Season 5 PREMIERE Tue, 30 Jun 2015 02:45:54 +0000 Read more »]]> Teen Wolf
Featured Artist: Kygo


Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell - “Firestone”
Scott and Stiles look at the moon

My Double, My Brother – “I’ll Die”
Stiles, Scott and Liam drive in Stiles’ jeep

High High’s – “Catch the Wind”
Scott rides on a motorcycle and kisses Kira

Shura – “Touch”
Scott and Kira kiss in a tunnel

FAMY – “Ava”
Senior Scribe

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Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, FINALE Wed, 17 Jun 2015 02:45:22 +0000 Read more »]]> Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh

MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Twiceyoung – “Slow Down”
The group of friends eats leftovers and hangs out at Gabe’s. Elizabeth cleans out a desk at the police station and carries the items to her car.

Blonde Summer – “Stay Kids”
The group of friends hangs out at Gabe’s.

Twiceyoung – “Stay the Same”
Gabe asks who’s ready to play videogames. Bird, Max and Madison talk in Bird’s sanctuary.

Madison Gold – “Dream I Hold To”
One character shows another character an apartment. Two characters kiss.

Onyay Pheori – “Fever”
McGovern, Elizabeth, David and Carter talk in the conference room.

Fritz Montana – “Feel It In My Bones”
Damon and Gabe play video games and talk.

Odessa – “I Will Be There”
Two characters talk and make out at the apartment.

Lili Haydn – “This Is a Moment of Grace”
Elizabeth asks Gabe if they can talk.

Handsome Ghost – “Weight Of It All”
David and Elizabeth pick out and put on their outfits for the day. Gabe looks through photos of his family. Madison packs at Bird’s. Gabe goes to Damon’s. Max and Taylor arrive at the courthouse.

Chelsea Lankes – “Down for Whatever”
One character talks to their mom. Two characters talk about one of them leaving while they pack. Two female characters share a kiss.

Laura Welsh – “Ghosts”
A character is called up to the stand, questioned by an attorney, and announces who their biological parents are.

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Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 11 Wed, 10 Jun 2015 02:45:39 +0000 Read more »]]> Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Wildcat! Wildcat!


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Sweet Talker – “Burn It Up All Night”
Taylor finds a necklace. Max and Carter admit to sleeping together.

The Holy Coast – “The Highest Love”
Two characters kiss and talk about how everything’s going to be now that they are back together.

Big Tree – “Raise The Flag”
Taylor and Carter check their SAT scores online. Elizabeth and David tell them they’re going to dinner. Carter leaves Taylor’s room, sits on the steps, answers the door and hugs the person waiting outside.

Sheare – “Nothing (Nebbra Remix)”
Carter, Taylor and Crash talk.

Belmont Lights – “Come for Me”
Elizabeth leaves Kyle’s house. Carter and Crash talk.

Armon Jay – “Edge of the Dark”
Max makes a toast at dinner. Max talks to Taylor away from the table. Taylor washes up in the bathroom. Taylor talks to Crash on the way back to the table.

Allman Brown – “Ancient Light”
Two characters run through their nightly routine, brushing teeth and talking. They get ready to “go to bed” together. Two characters talk about the fact that one of them slept with someone else. One asks the other for forgiveness. Two characters talk in the bathroom.

Act As If – “Anchored At Sea”
Taylor tells Max about her parents, and admits that she told Crash about Max and Carter.

Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Holloway (Hey, Love)”
Police pursue two armed suspects on foot. There is a physical altercation, and a gun goes off. Someone has been shot. Two characters tend to the victim and seek help.

Joshua Radin – “Worlds Apart”
A character has been shot. Song plays as the ambulance arrives, and the victim is tended to. Everyone waits for an update on the victim’s condition and talks about the shooting. Two characters discuss the future of their relationship.

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Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 10 Wed, 03 Jun 2015 02:45:45 +0000 Read more »]]> Finding Carter
Featured Artist: VÉRITÉ


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Emily Hearn – “Waking up Again”
Max practices what he’s going to say to Taylor with Carter in the living room.

Young Liars – “Tiny Creatures”
Grant signs for a delivery. The Wilsons talk in the kitchen.

Carousel – “Let’s Go Home”
Carter suggests to Taylor that they take a trip. Taylor talks to Max in the garage.

Carousel – “My Type”
Carter, Max and Taylor prep for the weekend. Bird, Damon, Gabe and Madison surprise them. Carter and Max talk in the other room. Everyone gets ready to leave.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles – “Radar”
Carter, Bird, Damon, Madison and Gabe ride in the car to the cabin. Max and Taylor ride in Max’s truck together. The group arrives and checks out the cabin.

Natalie Taylor – “I Love This Life”
Bird unpacks and asks Madison when she’s going to talk to Carter. They lie next to each other on the couch.

The Pocket Rockets – “MDNGHT”
Gabe and Damon talk about Bird and Madison on the couch.

We The Committee – “Monsters”
Carter and Madison talk in the gazebo.

VÉRITÉ – “Heartbeat”
Madison tells Bird she didn’t talk to Carter yet. Madison reveals the secret to Bird about two of their friends sleeping together.

Amalie Bruun – “Crush”
Elizabeth and Hillary talk over a glass of wine.

Rossi – “Brittle Bones”
Max tells Carter that Madison knows the secret. The group talks over drinks. Gabe and Damon try to figure out what everyone’s keeping from them.

Dead Right! – “Rising Tide (A/J Jackson Remix)”
The group of teens decides to go for a swim.

We The Committee - “Elephants”
The group talks when they get back from swimming.

RICTOR – “Secrets”
Taylor and Max talk on the porch swing.

YNGCULT – “Sides of War”
The group gets ready to head home. Carter and Max talk in the kitchen.

Fraser James – “To The Rain”
Elizabeth and David talk in the kitchen. The group packs up the cars. Taylor finds a necklace.

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We’ve got the Soundtrack to Your Summer Pool Parties by Splash House Artists: Bakermat & Justin Jay Fri, 29 May 2015 21:00:26 +0000 Read more »]]> SPLASH HOUSE | Palm Springs, CA | June 13/14


Who’s ready for Summer?! Wellllllll, join us for the second year in a row as we kick off the pool party season right at the annual Splash House in Palm Springs, CA, June 13-14. In case you missed it last year, here’s the Splash House 2014 video to give you a taste of what’s in store!

Splash House is going three years strong and has solidified itself as a showcase of the next big names in electronic music. Past headliners include Kygo, Flume, Kaytranada and Gorgon City to name a few, and we think this year is gonna be better than ever!

Two of this year’s artists that YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS are Bakermat & Justin Jay. We were lucky enough to team up with both artists to create the Ultimate Pool Party Playlist that is the perfect soundtrack to your summer. We asked each artist to hand-pick his favorite poolside tunez that you’ll want to blast all summer long. So grab that favorite swimsuit, bust out your floaties & koozies and let’s jam till the sun goes down!

Bakermat’s Tunez

Lost Frequencies – “Are You With Me”
Very minimal but it’s got everything you need for a great time in the sun. (listen to the mariachi play at midnight)

Tez Cadey – “Seve”
Tez hits the right notes on this track and it makes me feel so happy. It’s so original and refreshing.

Gregory Porter – “Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)”
I was already a great fan of the original, but Claptone made it into a summer anthem!

Blonde – “All Cried Out (The Magician remix)”
If that piano riff doesn’t make you wanna party in the sun, then there’s something terribly wrong with you.

Redondo – “Every single piece”
This is a lovely funky track and the vocal is especially on point. Poolside music!

Brame – “Ghetto For You”
Brame brings the funk in tech-house music! It’s an awesome tune and a perfect festival track that brings you back to summers in the 70’s.

Robin Schulz – “Sun Goes Down”
I couldn’t miss this on the list, the track title says it all. Play it when the sun sets!

The Magician – “Sunlight”
I love The Magician’s style, it’s so original. This for me is already a classic for summer times!

Mozambo – “Bright Side”
This is happy lounge music. It’s got a very laid-back vibe with awesome keys.

The Avener- “Fade Out Lines”
I love the fact that this kind of music is getting popular again. It’s soulful, groovy and deep – just the way I like it.

Spada – “Sun Sun Sun”
Nice and tight house track and it doesn’t need any vocals because it gives the right vibe anyway.

Michael Calfan – “Treasured Soul”
Could there be something more summer than this? Super happy marimba takes you to the tropical lands.

Alle Farben – “She Moves”
This cool track always puts me in the right mood.

Sam Feldt – “Midnight Hearts”
Very powerful track with great chords. Play this and you’ll dance your socks off!

Justin Jay’s Tunez

Earth, Wind and Fire - “Shining Star”
Every day should be started with this song. You feel like a badass with those guitar riffs in the verses and then the hook makes ya feel super cozy…such good vibes.

Leon Haywood - “I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You”
It’s like listening to Nuthin’ But A G Thang by Dre and Snoop but with classy string riffs, funky guitar solos and a bedroom-ready hook.

Change – “Hold Tight”
Moon Boots introduced me to this legendary Italian-American disco group. This is one of their sexiest jamz.

King Harvest – “Dancing In the Moonlight”
I wish I’d known this tune when I was a kid at summer camp, would’ve been the biggest bomb.

The Miracles – “Love Machine”
Teetering dangerously close to being too cheesy but in a good way… You can’t help but smile listening or dancing to it.

Moment of Truth – “You Got Me Hummin”
When a girl gives me butterflies, this song comes to mind.

Bill Withers – “Use Me”
So much bluesy, soulful funk on this classic. Bill Withers is too good.

The Real Thing – “You to Me Are Everything”
The Real Thing is such a good group, they’ve got so many awesome songs. This is one of their most heart-felt ballads. (Julio Bashmore sampled the vocal on two of his trax)

Little River Band – “Reminiscing”
I remember bumped this one hard in the car when I was 8 years old on the way to school…I was a strange kid hahah

Stevie Wonder – “As”
No words for this one, Stevie Wonder said it all…

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Music From Finding Carter: Season 2, Episode 9 Wed, 27 May 2015 02:45:37 +0000 Read more »]]> Finding Carter
Featured Artist: Air Traffic Controller


MisterWives – “Vagabond”
Theme Song

Darkness Falls – “Hazy”
Elizabeth and David talk over coffee. Carter gets off the phone. Taylor and Carter talk in Carter’s room.

Onyay Pheori – “Gone”
Carter rides in the car with Max.

Ophelia – “Lucy”
Carter looks out the window of the truck, has a flashback and holds the letters.

Natalie Walker – “Skywalker”
Carter reads a letter.

Emily Vaughn – “Hollow”
Madison and Bird talk at Bird’s sanctuary.

Bird – “The Night”
Carter and Max sit in the waiting area. Carter has a flashback. The doctor talks to Carter and Max.

Splash! – “Keep It Going”
Elizabeth, Taylor and Joan arrive at the country club.

Eric Zayne – “Hello Goodbye”
Madison and Bird talk to Damon and Gabe at the country club. Damon and Gabe tend to the guests while Madison and Bird swap stories about their parents.

Amalie Bruun – “Northern Sky”
Elizabeth talks to Gabe at the bar. Taylor asks Madison and Bird if they’ve heard from Carter. Joan comes to Bird’s rescue.

The Pack A.D. – “Rocket”
Madison talks on the phone. David tells Elizabeth and Taylor that Carter is on her way back.

Curtis Peoples – “Afraid”
Kyle gives Gabe advice on women and grabs a couple of beers from the bar.

Air Traffic Controller – “On The Wire”
Song plays during the fashion show.

Fleurie – “All the Lines”
One character starts to cry. Two characters kiss.

Miranda Lee Richards – “Heaven (Comin’ Down)
Elizabeth talks to Taylor about Carter and Lori.

Avila – “Hard Core”
Two female characters talk on the couch and kiss.

Roo & The Howl – “Lay Me Down”
Carter and Taylor talk in the kitchen.

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